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Emma White

It Will Be

The Podcast for Surviving Life

Surviving life is hard. 1 in 5 Americans struggle with a mental health challenge- most common is depression, eating disorders, addiction, anxiety, post traumatic stress, and thoughts of suicide. What's often not talked about however, is the life circumstances that can lead to these challenges and how to navigate life after a diagnosis, trauma or common life stressors.

Hosted by Emma White, Suicide Survivor, Author, Founder and President of the Life Is Worth It Organization, Mental Health Expert, Public Speaker, and Suicide Prevention Coordinator, the It Will Be podcast tackles life’s toughest topics in an honest, bold style. After surviving her own suicide experience at the age of 15, Emma is passionate about helping people in total life wellness- a term she coined which represents a healthy balance between the various dimensions of health. Join Emma twice monthly to be encouraged that although life might not be okay right now, one day, it will be. Available now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! 

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