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Emma White in a blue suit with microphone in hand speaking to crowd

Emma White is the author of the book "It's Not OK, but It Will Be," and is the Founder and President of the Life Is Worth It Organization. She is passionate about youth suicide prevention and shares her story of surviving suicide as a teenager to help others see that their life is worth living, too. 

Emma White wears many hats including being an Author, Professional Speaker,
Podcast Host, and Founder and President of the Life Is Worth It Organization. Graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2018, Emma has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing, Communications, and Entrepreneurship as well as a second degree in Psychology.


Emma is an accomplished advocate and mental health expert whose passionate voice and lived experience has gained national acclaim. Among many accomplishments, Emma is proud to have been selected as USA Today’s Nevada Woman of the Year Award for 2024, was the 2022 Winner of the Young Professional's Network 20 Under 40 Award, and the winner of the Jersey Mike's Sub Abover 2021 Award. Emma's TEDx talk is titled "Why We Need a National Health Curriculum to Prevent Suicide in Schools," which her nonprofit organization is actively working on to change the landscape of health education in U.S. schools. In her day job, she is the Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinator for the Nevada Department of Education and the Project Aware Manager for the Office of Suicide Prevention, where she specializes in suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention strategies on local, state, and federal

Emma White speaking at the Tedx Reno event


It's Not OK, but It Will Be- How I Survived Suicidal Depression and You Can, too is Emma White's debut memoir and self-help book detailing her experiences with mental illness and navigating healing as a teenager. 

"I will say that I appreciate this book, and I'm glad that I prioritized reading it. I am so happy that Emma chose to share her story, and I admire her honesty and how candid she is about her struggles. This book did feel like someone reaching out and saying, "I've struggled too. I truly mean it when I say I know how you feel." It lives up to its comforting title, letting the reader know that what they are going through is real and awful, but there's hope for a better future. Once again, I'm so glad that I read this when I did, and I'm looking forward to Emma's books in the future."  

- Mikayla B.

"Well written book with excellent resources for mental health & depression. I have been personally affected by losing a loved one to suicide. This book helps me to understand how one must feel during their despair & how one can overcome depression."

- Lisa M. 

It's Not OK, but It Will Be- How I Survived Suicidal Depression and You Can, too Book


Browse select speaking engagements and events below from Emma White. 

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